Road Show & Goals

Bigger is better! It should be the biggest European wine-roadshow in America ever!

What we give: road trip to take the wines closer to you, chance to taste the best selections, fun, happiness – all about wines and people who like good company, memorable conversations, history, tradition that meets modern technology, or just taste a glass of noble wine!

We would like bring the lifestyle of the Hungarian wines to our American friends, to show them the treasures values and secrets of our wines. If it succeeds to give our spirit than we’ve reached our most important goal.

In favour of this we have chosen the following cities as the stages of our roadshow: New York (NY) – Washington DC (CO) – Charlotte (NC) – Atlanta (GA)– Jacksonville (FL) – New Orleans (LA) – Dallas (TX) – Los Angeles (CA) – Las Vegas (NE) – San Francisco (CA) – Napa Valley (CA).

You may find us here! See you there!

The basic messages of the HWR are:

  • The Hungarian wines are healthy. They are under very strict food control. No geneticlly modified ingredients. Only ecological and bio methods are used during the plantation and the manufacture.
  • There are specific Hungarian wines not to be found any other places, just like Furmint or Hárslevelű from Tokaj etc. At the HWR it is a great chance to present them for the costumers.
  • The internationally known types of wines are also special from Hungary. Our specific geographical conditions are suitable for unique wine production.
  • The numbers of sunny hours are different and the maturation time is longer in Hungary. These things give the difference in our wines from another country.
  • We have special wine regions with unique characters. The area of Lake Balaton has lots of sunshine and Tokaj wine region has subsoil that could not be found anywhere else.
  • From the wines we present there are a lot of which is organically grown, traditionally manufactured, handmade, aged in oak barrels.