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Mészáros Winery • Szekszárd • Cuvée • 2011


Blaufränkish-Merlot-Pinot Noir
Mature ruby color, expressly fruity. Dry taste with harsh acids and heavy tannins

Mészáros Winery • Szekszárd • Lemberger (Blaufränkisch) • 2011


Mid-full dry red wine.It has a sour cherry scent with a pinch of black pepper together with an elegant, light animalistic feature. Pronounced spiciness and more tannin.Perfect attender of beef.

Mészáros Winery • Szekszárd • Merlot • 2011


Blackthorn flavor, harmonic red wine, one of the best Merlot wines in the Hungarian market.Merlot in its lightest stages tastes of cherry and plum. However, many winemakers in Hungary are making very rich styled merlots with extended oak aging that take on much darker fruit character.

Mészáros Borház • Szekszárd • Bikavér • 2009/2011


Lemberger (Blaufränkisch) -Kadarka-Merlot-Cabernet Sauvignon
This healthy, mellow grape comes from the hills that encompass Szekszárd. As a result of green harvest the grapes were selected from 1,5 kg loaded vine-stocks. The crop was processed with great care, meaning that we used low-maceration the wine-mash so that the tannins wouldn’t be so harsh. The result was soft, pleasantly consumable wine that spent further maturation in oak barrel. It has characteristics of dark fruit flavors and a mature taste. It is a harmonic, smooth and full bodied red wine.

Mészáros Winery • Szekszárd • Bodzási Lemberger (Blaufränkisch) • 2009


The name refers to the location where it was grown, one of Szekszárd’s most beautiful districts. It is made of carefully selected grapes, maturated in oak barrel for 2 years. It has dark ruby color, prune and plum jam flavor. It is dry and despite of its high alcohol, is exquisitely balanced. With its mature tannins and rounded acids this wine has a complex essence enriched with prune and blackberry.

750 ml

Lajvér Avantgarde • Szekszárd • Bikavér • 2011


Lemberger (Blaufränkisch) -Kadarka-Merlot-Cabernet Sauvignon-Cabernet Franc
Bikavér of Szekszárd is a cuvée of several grapewines of which Kadarka and Lemberger (Blaufränkisch) are dominant. It is an intense, fullcharacterized wine with fine acids, spicy and fruity at the same time. Persistent and full bodied with notes of spices and forest fruits. Warm, well balanced, soft tannins and balancing acidity.

750 ml

Lajvér Avantgarde • Szekszárd • Cabernet Sauvignon • 2011


The particular yellow soil of Szekszárd’s wine region leaves a natural mark in the taste of the grape but Cabernet Sauvignon never loses its character. It has a strong flavor, blackcurrant, vast variety of berries and dark chocolate compete in its taste.The unique flavors in cabernet sauvignon are green bell pepper, black pepper with big tannins and tobacco notes.

750 ml

Lajvér Avantgarde • Szekszárd • Cuvée Blanc • 2013


Sauvignon Blanc-Pinot blanc-Cserszegifűszeres
„LajvérAvantgardeSzekszárd” is the beginning of a new chapter in the wine region. The scenic valley of Lajvér is the meeting point of Szekszárd’s most important traditions and a peculiar(distinctive) avant-garde approach searching for innovative ways. Does secret to a good marriage lie in the attraction of contradictions or similarities? This cuvee of Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc and CserszegiFűszeres may help in finding the answer.

750 ml

Lajvér Avantgarde • Szekszárd • Cuvée • 2012


Cabernet Franc – Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot
„LajvérAvantgardeSzekszárd” is the beginning of a new chapter in the wine region. The scenic valley of Lajvér is the meeting point of Szekszárd’s most important traditions and a peculiar(distinctive) avant-garde approach searching for innovative ways.This wine is the top(pride) of Szekszárd in which the three type of grapes magnificently supplement each other. The fresh flavors of sour cherry and berries have a long lasting taste at every sip.

750 ml

Günzer Tamás Winery • Villány • Mont Blanc • 2012


Muscat Ottonel-Riesling
It become a traditional and unique white cuvée in their winery. It contains Muscat Ottonel and Welsch Riesling. Made with reductiv technology. Muscat Ottonel gives for the fresh and harmonic wine green-yellow color and Welschriesling gives the tone. The fresh and elegant dry white wine have rich but rounded acid what was bottled with sulfide dioxid.

750 ml

Günzer Tamás Winery • Villány • Stílus • 2011


Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot
It is a mid-full, dry red wine. We find sour cherry and black pepper notes with a low-key animalistic feature that credits an elegant, prestigious wine. It has fairly upstanding acids and smooth tannins. We recommend it at 15-16°C as an escort to lamb or dark-meet poultry.

750 ml

Günzer Tamás Winery • Villány • Cabernet Sauvignon • 2011


It is a deeep red colored wine, with definite characteristic. This wine have typical flavor and delectable sour what is couplig with beautiful body.

750 ml

Günzer Tamás Winery • Villány • Cabernet Franc • 2011


This is a mellow red wine of an outstanding vintage. It was aged 12 months in barrique. It’s characterized by fruitfulness and light toasty flavor. It is a mid-full wine with caressing, round tannins.

750 ml

Polgár Winery • Villány • Birtok Cuvée • 2011


Syrah-Cabernet Franc
The lush and ancient virtue of Shiraz and the spicy kindness (gentleness) of Cabernet Franc come together in this wine. The aromas as a result of new oak barrels delightfully frame the blueberry, sour cherry flavor that is characteristic of the type. We recommend it with dishes of red meat, cheese or to a pleasant bedtime book.

750 ml

Polgár Winery • Villány • Cabernet Sauvignon • 2011


This elegant wine deep purple colored wine is balanced and full bodied, what is shown in the nice tannin.Both in flavor and in taste dominating blackcurrant and forest fruits aromas.

750 ml

Almagyar-Érseki Vineyard • Eger • Lelkifröccs Fehér Házasítás • 2011


Leányka /Damsel –Traminer – Sauvignon blanc- Rhine Riesling –Welsch Riesling
(Leányka: hungarian type of vine variety name. Means: damsel)
If we deep look into the eyes of the wine, firsly we think that the girl from „Almagyal” look back for us. Accompaniment of that are Traminer, Suvignon Blanc, Rhine Rieslig and Welsch Riesling. All of them are freshness, young, while individual personalities they are moving together like cheerleaders

750 ml

Almagyar-Érseki Vineyard • Eger • Csillag • 2011


Leányka-Riesling-Muscat Ottonel-Sauvignon Blanc
To produce Csillag / Star cuvée we invited our main cheerlader, the damsel to organize a group. Damsel, Rhine Riesling, Muscat Ottonel and Sauvignon Blanc were growing and aging in 10hl barrels. Strong but pretty and lissomCsillag / Star was born.

750 ml

Almagyar-Érseki Vineyard • Eger • Lelkibéke Red Cuvée • 2011


Lemberger(Blaufränkish)-Merlot-Cabernet Sauvignon-Cabernet Franc
2011 was also a warm vintage with lean tannins this is why instead of Blaufränkish we assigned Merlot as the base of our wine. Along with Merlot Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon assist in creating its flavor and Lemberger (Blaufränkish) determines its acidity. Having spent 20 months in oak barrel it has a silky full body that turns into wisdom after bottling.

750 ml

Almagyar-Érseki Vineyard • Eger • El Classico • 2011


Lemberger(Blaufränkish)-Merlot-Cabernet Sauvignon- Cabernet Franc
(Bikavér: It is a typical hungarian red cuvée’s name. Mean: bull’s blood)

„If you ask me: what is Bikavér? I told you that for me a red Lemberger(Blaufränkish)cuvee. Bikavér from Eger is equal to Eger. Quite easy. There are some laws for producing cuvée, but there is no strict recipe. For me the biggest challenge is to produce the best Bikavér. I can express myself only in this way, and show the given year and territory. My Grandfather told me that we should producing Bikavér only in the best vintages.”

These were the words of FerencCsutorás, one of the founders of Almagyar-ÉrsekiVineyard (AÉS).Next to him ImreCsernusandPéterMészáros are working on the production of high quality wines on a 3,5 ha territory on the south side of Almagyar-Érsekidownhills.

If we believe the words of FerencCsutorás, then we can be assured that 2011 was a great vintage.
In this year was AÉS Puskás El ClassicoBikavérfirstproduced. The name of the wine “Puskás El Classico” is in honor to FerencPuskás who was a legendary Olympic champion, world championship silver medalist, three times European Cup winner,Hungarian footballer and manager, the captain of the fabulous Hungarian national football team, called: Golden Team.

FerencPuskásis world widely regarded as the best Hungarian footballer. In Hungary and in Spain (for the years spent at Real Madrid) he is a prestigiousperson till these days.

His game is characterized byexplosiveness, perfect ball handling, tricky gambits, witty solutions, perfect handovers, fine situation recognition and brilliant shooting skills. In 2004 his name was listed in Pelé’s FIFA Top 100.

In 2011 his name was taken to a perfect wine label.Puskás El ClassicoBikavér is the highest quality wine of AÉS Winery. It is Lemberger(Blaufränkish), Cabernet sauvignon, Cabernet franc Merlot and Menoir cuvee.

It is a fruity, full bodied and spicy “Bikavér” wine from Egercontrolled appellation. It has rum-punch flavorand during the tasting we feel the creamy version of it.
Long finish attends every sip, where we can find the typical cherry properties common of Eger.

750 ml

Demeter Winery • Eger • Hanga (semi-dry) • 2012


Light wine for the weekdays decorated with fresh, flowery notes. It has greenish color with a slight straw yellow note. Its acidity nicely marks the terroire. It has the scent of citrus, quince and water lily. In its taste we may discover notes of peach, pineapple and an endless freshness and inexhaustible energy lasting through the day.
Pairing with dishes: it is a prominent escort to ratatouille-like dishes with paprika.

750 ml

Demeter Winery • Eger • Bikavér Selection • 2009


Lemberger (Blaufränkish) -Cabernet Franc– Merlot
The color of the wine is brilliant ruby. The tufty glycerin sticks to the wall of the glass.
The wine has ripe plum androsehip bouquet but we may also find cinnamon, clove, silky horehound and some manly tobacco behind them. It is full flavored, creamy wine which gives you just enough dry taste on your tongue so that you need another sip. This wine
simply offers itself. It has a woody and tobacco finish. The fruits and the alcohol give a little cognac – cherry aspect to it.

750 ml

Demeter Winery • Eger • XY Cuvée • 2009


Cabernet franc-merlot-Lemberger (Blaufränkish)
Red cuvee from Eger.100% hand-grown viticulture and handmade harvest. Date of harvest: October, 2009. Production volume: 50 quintal/ha. New type of oak barreled fermentation and maturation. Content: Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Blaufränkish.

750 ml

Demeter Winery • Eger • Franc de franc • 2007


Cabernet Franc-Lemberger (Blaufränkish)
It is a Cabernet franc and Merlot red cuvee, that was maturated in 500l oak barrels. It is made with 100% hand-grown viticulture and handmade harvest. The production was 70 quintal/ha; 50%Cabernet Franc and 50% Lemberger (Blaufränkish).

750 ml

Thummerer Winery • Eger • Cabernet Franc- Merlot • 2009


Cabernet Franc-merlot-Lemberger (Blaufränkish).
Dry, quality red wine grown in Novaj (Juhszalagos district, SzomolyaNagyvölgy-tető), Eger wine region. Plantation: Guyot method of breeding, 240×100 cm line and vine width.Clay and mud soil, 5-7% downhill, south, south-western position, with light basoid, brown soil. Vintage, production: early bud burst, dry, warm summer, early harvest. Wine description: friendly wine with fine tannins, matured to mellow. Thanks to the two types of grapes spicy and fruity notes meet that is completed with discrete barrique ageing. Alcohol: 13,5%, acidity: 4,9g/l. Recommendation: as an escort to grilled meat or game. Served at 16-18°C. Storage: bottles should be laid and kept at steady temperature in a cool, dry, well-ventilated space, spared of sunlight.

750 ml

Thummerer Winery • Eger • Bikavér Superior • 2009


Lemberger (Blaufränkish).-Cabernet franc-Merlot
This wine is from protected origin, Eger wine region.
Technical information:
Plantation: Guyot method of cultivation; 240x100cm line and vine width.
Weather: The vintage was perfect, particularly for red wines. It was a hot summer, followed by a long sunny autumn with decent rainfall. These provided ideal circumstances for the grapes.
Wine description: This wine is the medal of the winery. Superior is only produced in the best vintages. It contains 50% Hungarian type of wine and 50% international types. After 18 month long maturation in oak, it was bottled and aged in bottles.
Alcohol content: 14%, Acidity: 4,9g/l
Food: This full bodied wine is perfect for beef and wild food.
Temperature of consumption: 16-18°C

Storage: bottles should be laid and kept at steady temperature in a cool, dry, well-ventilated space, spared of sunlight. Results: Challenge International du Vin Bordeaux 2013 – Silver medal

  • Wine competition of Eger Wine region 2013 –Silver medal, Best Bikavér from Eger
  • XXXIV. Wine Competition of Hungary 2013 – Silver medal
  • 4. VinAgora International Wine Competition 2013 – Silver medal

750 ml

Lovassy • Tokaj • Furmint, semi sweet white wine • 2012

The Lovassy National Wine Selection has been compiled by wine connoisseurs, that all of our country’s favorite types of the most popular wine regions to reach the wine fanciers. The name of Tokaj is known worldwide. The also internationally most recognized type of this wine region is Furmint, a real uniqe of Hungary. In it’s taste there are a typical of the variety apple, a kind of quince and fragrances of clover with the minerality of Tokaj and delectable sweets, can provides a whole night program. The experience can be more complete with desserts, sweet fruits, but feel free to test exotic spicy, sweet, fruity, also white meats.

750 ml

Lovassy • Villány • Cuvée • 2012

Cabernet Franc- Cabernet Sauvignon-Lemberger (Blaufränkish).-Pinot Noir–Zweigelt
The Lovassy National Wine Selection has been compiled by wine connoisseurs, that all of our country’s favorite types of the most popular wine regions to reach the wine fanciers.
This red cuvée was made from the best known vine types of Villány wine region. It is represents the modern, light and fruity style. The perfect proportion of the types of wine ensures the good quality and taste. The LovassyVillányiCuvée is a medium-bodied, full taste red wine. Thanks to the mediterranean climate for the complex and harmonic wine. It is suggested t odrink near cheese or spicy meats, wild foot or roasted meats.

750 ml

Lovassy • Tokaj • Muskotály • 2012

750 ml

Lovassy • Tolna • Merlot • 2012

750 ml

Figula Winery • Balatonszőlős • Sauvignon Blanc • 2012


A fresh, near with a light wine with a strident acids markings, well accentuated by variety characteristic. The really distinctive, fresh, flavorous sauvignon blanc wine with aromas of citrus and green fruits.